PS5 Pre-Order Details with Guaranteed Booking Trick – Restock in India till When?

PS5 Restock & Pre-Order in India

Everyone is looking for Sony Playstation 5?? Aren’t you looking for one?? We have seen the demand for PS5 during the pre-order sale. In seconds the sale ended after going live. What is the ps5 price in India can be the one question which may break a lot of hearts than on Valentine’s Day. Wanna know about ps5 restock in India? See every detail below with a 100% working booking trick.

Sony Playstation 5 has been launched on Amazon & Flipkart, and the sale ended in seconds. So obviously this is going to be difficult to book PS5 next unless you have ChromeXT Flash Sale extension with you which works on both Amazon & Flipkart flash sales. Let’s check the PS5 Price and other details of the Sony Playstation 5 in India.

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ChromeXT – Gadget Buying Guide

Who doesn’t want to have Sony Playstation 5 in their collection? People are dying to get one. If you are too, check all details about ps5 price in India, ps5 release date, ps5 launch date, ps5 restock in India, how to buy ps 5, with various other info. We at ChromeXT are covering the latest info about ps5 in India regarding its next sale date, how to book during the next sale, etc.

Sony PS5 Restock & Pre-Order – 100% Guaranteed Booking

With our chrome extension for flash sales on Flipkart, Amazon, and other websites you can book ps5 for sure. People are talking on Twitter about ChromeXT Flipkart & Amazon Flash Sale Extension. So visit our auto-buy extension and book during ps5 restock in India. Here is the proof:

PS5 Restock India

PS5 Price in India

Everybody wants to look at PS5 and try it at least once. But again they all start with PS5 Price in India. Last time the range was starting from 30k. But this time there have been so many changes and features in the new Sony Playstation 5. You can buy the PS5 on both Flipkart and Amazon at the same price. The Playstation 5 Price in India was expected around 45-50k and yes it’s in the same range. But again the Price of the PS5 is a little too much, yet so much in demand. If you are looking for PS5 Flipkart or PS5 Amazon India prices, they all are the same.

PS5 Price in India – Rs 49,990

ChromeXT – PS5 Flash Sale Extension

PS5 Restock India

Wouldn’t it be great if Sony just restocks ps5 in India? On Sony’s official website they have changed the status from “Out of Stock” to “Notify Me”. This may be a sign that soon they will announcing the second pre-order in India as they can have a huge market in India to sell their products. Isn’t it great if you get all info regarding PS5 India in one single place along with a working PlayStation flash sale extension? If in the coming days PS5 gets Restocked in India, will you be able to book it in 1 go? Mostly no because of the traffic, it will have, But we can help you in booking your PlayStation 5 using our extension. Also, as soon as the Sony Playstation gets restocked we will notify you here.

PS5 Restock India 26th July 2021

ChromeXT – PS5 Flash Sale Extension

Buy PS5 India – Where & How?

Obviously, it’s not that easy to Buy PS5 in India even if Sony restocks the product. As the number of restocked products will be too less than the customers looking for it. Now if you really wanna book this ps5 in India follow the steps below to book it when they restock Sony Playstation 5. This product has been launched on both Flipkart and Amazon. So you can auto-buy ps5 in India from anywhere but still, there will be huge competition to buy ps5 successfully. Install the flash sale extension from below and then follow the steps for Amazon or Flipkart accordingly to pre-order Sony PS5 India.

ChromeXT Amazon & Flipkart Flash Sale Extension

Book Sony Playstation 5 in 1 go

Pre-Order PS5 Amazon Online

  • Install the extension. You will get a pop-up, bookmark the extension.
  • Click on the extension icon and select the product you want to buy before 2-3 minutes of the sale.
  • The extension will automatically redirect you to the sale page of PS5 Amazon.
  • Sony Playstation 5 will be automatically added to your cart. [Don’t Forget to Login to Amazon and select the delivery address before only.]
  • Make the payment and your booking of PS5 is done.

Pre-Order PS5 Flipkart Online

  • Install the extension from the above link. Bookmark it in your chrome.
  • Login to Flipkart before the sale.
  • Click on the extension icon and select the product you want to buy before 2-3 minutes of the sale.
  • The extension will automatically redirect you to the sale page.
  • PS5 will be automatically added to your cart on Flipkart.
  • Make the payment and your PS5 booking is done.

Sony PS5 Pre-Order on Sony Website

Yes, with ChromeXT you can book Sony PS5 online from the Sony website too. We have a working flash sale extension to book most of the products which are in the sale. As there is a lot of traffic and competition to buy PS5 in India. Users have tried booking PS5 from Flipkart & Amazon but only a few were able to get it. So we have added Sony flash sale script too on ChromeXT. Just follow these steps and you can pre-order Sony PS5 in India easily.

  • Install the extension from the above link. Bookmark it in your chrome.
  • Login to Sony before the sale.
  • Click on the extension icon and select the product you want to buy before 2-3 minutes of the sale.
  • The extension will automatically redirect you to the sale page.
  • PS5 will be automatically added to your cart on Sony.
  • Make the payment and your booking is done.

PS5 Pre-Order using Mobile Extension

Yes, now you can even use the extension on your smartphone to book products from flash sales. So if you don’t have a laptop with you, no need to worry about that. We have a trick with which you can pre-order PS5 from Flipkart, Amazon, or Sony Website using your smartphone. All you have to do is download a new browser on your phone. See the steps below to use the ChromeXT extension on your phone.

  • Download the Yandex browser on your phone from the play store.
  • Visit our extension – PS5 Pre-Order & Booking extension.
  • Click on Add to Chrome & then Add extension.
  • Once you have added it you can simply use the extension as others use it on a laptop.

Why Use ChromeXT for PS5 Pre-order?

As we all know that there are so many flash sale extensions available in the market for use. But why should you use the ChromeXT PS5 Autobuy extension? With ChromeXT PS5 Autobuy extension you can pre-order PS5 whenever there is a sale. Even if the extension is not updated you can use the START & STOP button to book products in flash sales. Here are some features details about the PS5 auto buy extension for Flipkart, Amazon, & Sony websites.

  • You can book PS5 from all the main stores like Flipkart, Amazon, and Sony website.

Flipkart PS5 Extension

Amazon PS5 Extension

Shop ATSC PS5 Extension

  • Can book from all 3 stores at a time in different tabs. Suppose if you think you might not be able to book PS5 from Flipkart and you should go for Amazon for much security. But with ChromeXT, you can try booking products from all 3 websites increasing your chances to book the product.
  • Suppose if the sale time varies a bit and the sale which was going to start at 12PM starts at 12.30PM. Then also ChromeXT script will work. You just need to use the START button to start the script. Even if the sale took place at night, just use the button to do your booking.

PS5 Flash sale extension

Sony Playstation 5 Restock & Pre Order Date

Now everyone knows about PS5 as it’s one of the best gaming consoles till now. People are searching for it and as of now, you can buy it from Flipkart, Amazon, Croma, & Sony Websites. Check all details regarding the PS5 Pre-order date on Amazon, Flipkart, & Sony. Everywhere there is too much traffic but we @ChromeXT will guide you through this to buy PS5 in India from any of these websites. Obviously, PS5 is a little costly but still, there is huge traffic. Check the ps5 sale date on these websites.

  • PS5 Sale & Pre-Order Date Amazon – 26th July 2021
  • PS5 Sale & Pre-Order Date Flipkart – 26th July 2021
  • PS5 Sale & Pre-Order Date Croma – 26th July 2021
  • PS5 Sale & Pre-Order Date Sony – 26th July 2021

Sony Playstation PS5 Console Game

PS5 price and release in India have already been revealed and the 1st pre-order sale has ended. As of now, users are waiting for PS5 to restock in India so that they can book one. Sony Playstation PS5 Console Game can be bought using parallel booking but the cost will be too high. So why Gamers are simply waiting for Sony to officially announce the PS5 restock date. We can do nothing here rather than waiting. Yes, you can be ready as there are chances and also as per our sources PS5 booking in India will start soon.

Available Games on Sony Playstation 5

PS5 is almost compatible with all the PlayStation games which were launched before PS5. Only with PS4 games, it is compatible with only 9 games. So in total, we have approx 305 games on the list. As of now, the most important thing is to buy ps5 from Flipkart, Amazon, or the Sony website. These are some top games on PlayStation 5 which you will be getting.

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Astro’s Playroom
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Control: Ultimate Edition
  • Demon’s Souls
  • Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
  • Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
  • Final Fantasy 14 Online

PS5 New Game Launch – Ratchet & Clank

As we can see there is no such confirmation of PS5 restock in India. But those who have got it can buy this awesome game to play on PS5. Many users are trying to buy ps5 in India. As of now, Sony has hinted that there will be a shortage of PS5 for some time.

  • PS5 Game Ratchet & Clank Release Amazon – 11th June 2021 – Buy Now
  • PS5 Game Ratchet & Clank Release Sony – 11th June 2021 – Buy Now

PS5 Accessories

Yes with PS5 gaming you can just push the boundaries of gaming to another level. With a new generation of PlayStation accessories, the experience of gaming will be amazing. PS5 comes with DualSense wireless controller which has haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects. The controller also comes with a built-in microphone and integrated buttons with a comfortable design to enjoy your game.

With DualSense charging station you can simply charge your 2 different wireless controllers at the same time without even connecting them to the PS5 console. Sony PS5 has PULSE 3D wireless headset which is awesome for 3D audio on PS5 consoles. It also has Type-C charging and a dual noise-cancellation feature for crystal clear sound. Playstation 5 also has media remote, HD camera, and much more to make it more alive for you.

PS5 Release & Launch Date India

We all know that Sony Playstation 5 has been launched in India in the month of February only. But as notified by Sony that after the first pre-order they will be having a second one too. In the market PS5 are available but the amount you need to pay will be around Rs 80,000. Everyone is waiting for Sony to officially announce the pre-order of ps5 in India. We will be checking all the websites like Sony official website, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and as soon as it comes we will update the post.

  • Sony Playstation 5 Launch Date – 2nd February 2021

PS5 Final Verdict

Sony Playstation 5 is just a beast of a gaming console. No one can ignore the fact that Sony has almost provided everything in this console. You can either love it or hate it, but can’t ignore it. As they say about Mahatma Gandhi that you can love or hate him, but can’t ignore him. Here is some most important point:

  • Under heavy loads too, it works just great.
  • Are you looking to customize your console? Sony has given removable side plates for that.
  • It has a Dual Sense controller which will simply enhance your experience.
  • The built-in storage is 667GB but you can expand this in the future accordingly.
  • Can play your PS4 games using an external device.

Check out the specification table below for more info about PS5 price and features.

Sony Playstation 5 Specs

PriceRs 49,990
CPUx86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen
Storage825GB SSD of which 667GB is usable
RAM 16GB GDDR6/256-bit
Video Output Supports 8K at 60Hz, 4K at 120Hz
HDR/WiFiYes/Wi-Fi 6
Others No Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos


Can I buy ps5 in India?

Yes, you can obviously buy ps5 in India. Sony Playstation 5 is available on Flipkart & Amazon apart from Sony’s official website.

What is the ps5 price in India?

The ps5 price on Flipkart and Amazon is just Rs 49,990.

Should I upgrade to PS5 if I have a PS4?

Yes, you should upgrade as PS5 will enhance all your gaming experience till now.

Which is better: PS5 or XBOX?

This depends on users. The only thing missing in PS5 is Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Apart from this PS5 is the new game-changing deal.

What is the ps5 release date in India?

The ps5 release date in India was 2nd February 2021.

When will PS5 restock on Flipkart?

As of now there is no fixed date of PS5 restock on Flipkart. Mostly there will be one pre-order of ps5 on the 26th of July.

When will PS5 restock on Amazon?

No announcement made till now. There are chances of PS5 restock on 12th July 2021.

Will ps5 restock in India?

As of now, Sony has announced that there will be ps5 shortage for a while which can run till 2022. But if it comes to any online store we will let you know.

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