Best Headphone Brands in India with mic and Complete Buying Guide

Are you looking for Headphones?  Who doesn’t want a headphone which will allow you to feel the music and relax? Now there are so many brands available in India to look for before buying a headphone.Some people go with a particular budget, and some go for a specific brand. Everyone has their choice before buying a headphone.

Here we will provide you with a list of the best headphone brands (Top 10 Brands) available in India.

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List of Top 10 Headphone Brands in India with basic detail :

1. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of the best and top brands for headphones in India. There are various other products sold by Sennheiser, but as we are talking about headphones, it has many users not only in India but all over the world.

It was established by Fritz Sennheiser, at Hannover, in Germany in 1945. Since then, they have come a long way, selling their products all over the world.

Most music lovers go for Sennheiser as premium headphones. The brand is a favorite among users because of its noise cancellation and is a leading manufacturer. They are stylish and smart headphones with innovative design which will enhance your experience.

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2. AKG Acoustics

AKG Acoustics was started, in Vienna, Austria, in 1947. Later it was acquired by Samsung Electronics. It is one of the best headphones brands, about which many people don’t have much idea.

These headphones are used by professionals, as it provides a natural sound, which makes the user feel comfortable.

They have many features which are there in other headphones. But if you are looking to enjoy your music and that’s your priority, then go for it. It is the most used headphones in studios, which proves it as the best for enjoying music.

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3. Creative

Creative headphones are one of the most affordable headphones available in India. Now people in India have a common superstition that if it’s cheap, it will be of bad quality.

These are the best headphones available in India with a wide range and varieties. Not only this, but they also meet the standard of the market, to deliver amazing sound.

They have some of the best headphones all over the world. They always ensure customer satisfaction to provide them with headphones which are having great quality and increased their popularity all over the world.

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4. Bose

Bose was established by an Indian named Amar Gopal Bose. Everyone have heard about Bose because of its great quality products. They have various products from speakers to noise canceling headphones, they have changed the history of headphones in India. The price can be a concern for users but if you want a quality product you need to go for high price. They have received a title as “Apple of India for headphones” because of their price but good quality headphones.

Along with noise canceling feature you will be getting a perfect bass in any model. Yes the pricing is high but it’s worth that. Next time go for a Bose headphone and you can feel these qualities sound clarity, noise cancellation, sweet and awesome music, and a valued product.

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5. Sony

Who doesn’t know about Sony? It was established in 1946 and now has become a leading brand in the electronics industry. They have so many products available in electronic categories, and you will find a Sony product in almost every household.

They have headphones with amazing quality as they still have kept their position over the global market as one of the best-selling brands.

Here you can have affordable headphones to classy and premium headphones. You will be getting all great features like noise cancellation, frequency, deep bass, etc.

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6. Skull Candy

Skull Candy is a US-based headphone brand. If you are looking for trendy, colorful, and funky headphones, go for Skull Candy without any doubt.

You will see the large user base for these headphones and mostly the young generation using this. Now don’t just think that these headphones are just for show off. It’s not like that as they have maintained their quality along with their designs.

You can easily use the headphones while running, jogging, in the gym, dancing, etc. Along with the noise cancellation, extra bass, Bluetooth, and wireless headphones, you can get all the features in these headphones to buy one. Their Bluetooth model is great to use,  with a trendy and stylish design.

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7. Philips

Philips was established, by the father and son duo in 1891, named Frederik and Gerard Philips. It is a Dutch brand, and as we have seen, it tops the electronic segment most of the time in any product.

Also, the pricing is affordable for all users with the best quality. You can get well-built headphones from Philips at a reasonable and affordable price with trendy designs and awesome sound quality to enhance your overall experience.

They have a wide range of headphones available in India to qualify for everyone’s budget. You can also refer to Philips as the best budget brand headphones with great quality in India.

You will be getting a compact and stylish design. Also, there will be soft and breathable ear cushions with easily adjustable cushions. There can be some issues with the bass, but you need to choose accordingly, as there are users who appreciate a low bass.

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8. JBL

JBL was established in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. Slowly they started acquiring the headphone market as well. Now they are one of the leading brands in headphones, loudspeakers, and devices similar to them.

With JBL, you will be getting top-quality headphones with great audio quality and smart design. Also, they provide a great bass performance with lightweight and comfortable with noise isolation, which will provide you a great audio experience.

These headphones are very famous in India, especially the Bluetooth ones. Also, they have a trendy design. Not only in India, but they are known for their sound quality all over the world.

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9. Boat

The BOAT is a brand about which everyone has heard as they have several products available in the market. They deal in speakers, headphones, earphones, rugged cables, travel chargers, etc. Many people don’t know, but Boat is an Indian company.

They are a Delhi-based company that imports their items from China and other countries and then assemble in India to sell in the market.

They provide quality headphones with affordable pricing. So they have a good user base in India. They have a wide range of headphones with a different price range to serve a different customer base. Till now, we can say it is the best headphone brand from India.

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10. Audio Technica

Audio Technica was started in Tokyo, Japan in 1962. This is again one of the topmost brands in the studio, DJ, and professional headphones, as many users love to buy products from this brand.

As their tagline -“always listening”, they have always experimented with their products as per their user’s demands. They always focus on style, durability, comfort, and sound quality.

Not only this, they have products available in a different range to cover a huge customer base. They have a good user base in India because of their pricing and variants. They have some good products in the market because of their noise cancellation technology, and they always try to provide the best audio and comfort to their customers.

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Buying Guide for Headphones

Before buying any gadget, everyone looks for a guide to help them out. As most of the time in the same price range, you can get a better product. Or if you are going for a particular brand, you can get a better gadget in the same brand just by spending a little more money. So the buying guide will help you out with all this.

1. Type Of Headphone

Obviously at first you need to decide which type of headphone you want. See the details about headphones type below and choose the type first.

  • In-Ear Headphones

Most people know them as earphones or In-Ear Headphones. These are most portable from all other types as it’s small and can be easily inserted to your ear canal.

They are compact and lightweight to use. Most of the time, these headphones have great noise isolation.

Also, these are the favorites for users and Suited to active lifestyles. There might be some issues like getting tangled and can be misplaced easily, but if you handle them with care, you can use it for a long time.

  • On-Ear Headphones

On-Ear Headphones are ones that do not entirely cover or enclose your ears. They rest on top of your outer ears. They are smaller and lighter than Over-Ear Headphones most of the time. They come in open and close back variations.

Here they don’t produce much heat on your ears as compared to over-Ear Headphones. There might be some issues, but again you should check out the reviews and rating of the product before buying. They may leak sound as they don’t cover the ear completely.

  • Over-Ear Headphones

These Over-Ear Headphones will fully encompass or cover your ears. These are the largest headphones of all the types discussed till now.

They also come in close or open back versions. These can be the most comfortable headphones if you compare them with In-Ear, On-Ear, and Over-Ear Headphones.

With Over-Ear Headphones, you will be getting excellent sound quality, most comfortable. noise cancellation, more bass, etc. These headphones will be much expensive than others. Also, they are not easily portable and may produce more heat on the ears than others.

2. Wired or Wireless Headphones


If you have chosen the type, then the next important thing is either you want Wired or Wireless Headphones? In the last few years, wireless headphones have covered a huge market, then wired ones.
As they are easy to carry, and most of the time wired headphones get tangled, and the wire gets damaged.

Both these headphones have their Pros and Cons. But nowadays it’s better to go for wireless headphones rather than wired ones. The wireless headphones will be costlier than the wired ones. Also, you need to keep them charged all the time so that you can use your headphones whenever you want. Just check the battery life of wired headphones before buying.

3. Impedance

It’s best to have a low impedance as they require less power to get high audio levels. For headphones, impedance should be 16-32 ohms. High impedance (say 250 ohms) is good for studio headphones as they require more power. So always go for low impedance, if you are buying headphones for your personal use.

4. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is related to the volume of your headphones. It tells how loud can your headphone be. You should go for 96-110 dB when you are buying a headphone.

Below 85dB would be too soft for you and will not let you enjoy your music at your best and above 110dB may damage your ears.

5. Drivers

These drivers in headphones turn electrical signals into sound pressure. It also boosts your bass, treble, etc. The driver should be large for better overall sound quality.

6. Comfort

Mostly, you need your headphones for the whole day. So it must be comfortable to use. If you are not comfortable using the headphone you can’t use them for longer periods. You should look for a headphone with foam to provide that comfort level.

If the headphones are not comfortable may damage your ear. Also, you should see the rating and reviews before ordering a headphone. That will give you a proper idea about your headphone.

7. Noise Cancellation

Everyone buys a headphone to remove themselves from the outer world and the noise. Now if your headphone is unable to cancel the noise from outside, there is no point of having a headphone.

Active Noise Cancellation is a prominent feature these days. Also, look for Passive Noise Cancellation before buying one.

8. Rating & Reviews

This criterion is untouched by most users before buying the headphones. Don’t neglect this aspect. There are users who have already tried these gadgets. Go to the website and check the reviews and ratings.

Yes, you might get some fake reviews there, but just check other reviews. Reviews with a 1-start rating will help you. There will fake 1-star rating too. But if you see the overall rating and reviews, you will get an overall idea.

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